Is CrossFit Worth the Hype (or Injury)?

by | Nov 23, 2021

There has been much made of CrossFit’s corporate culture over the past two years, and this article is not here to comment on that. However, it is likely fair to say that whatever goes on at the very top of the organization, those running local CrossFit gyms are probably no different to the vast majority of gym owners and health professionals. They likely have the very best of intentions to help their members get fitter and healthier, and earn a living just like the rest of us.

And. whilst it is important and true that an organization’s values are reflected in their culture from top to bottom, in my opinion, there are simply far superior training methods for the vast majority of people seeking to achieve their health and fitness goals than CrossFit. Here are just some of the reasons I believe we offer a superior approach.

Why Choose TFW Training Programs vs. CrossFit

1. Avoid Injury

First off, and this is probably the single most important factor for anyone starting or restarting their workouts, make sure to avoid injury. If you are injured, you cannot train.

Matt Thornton, a martial arts coach recently interviewed Rob Wolf, one of the founding gym owners of CrossFit. Matt asked Rob how he felt about CrossFit’s injury record now on reflection. It’s fair to say from that video that Rob acknowledges these concerns, describing them as ‘super fair’. While some individuals clearly crave such a high testosterone environment, too few realize that great results don’t have to be at the expense of a higher injury rate. You can have a fantastic workout without the same injury risk that many report with CrossFit.

2. Team Approach in a Supportive Fitness Community

Secondly, CrossFit tends towards a younger male clientele with a heavy focus upon competition and representing your gym at CrossFit’s competitive events and individualism which Rob Wolf also alludes to in the interview. We’ve tended to find that working out in a mixed age range, mixed gender, team-focused environment with support, encouragement, and friendship amongst our members and coaches really helps individuals. And, while those amazing results are incredibly satisfying for individuals, knowing that as part of a team you’ve not only changed your life but helped others to do the same, is another level again!

We all have days where we consider giving the gym a miss. That’s even more likely when it is a highly competitive environment and we feel our performance may be judged rather than our persistence and consistency encouraged. By working as a team, we all improve our attendance knowing that we are all working together. Consistency rather than always being at peak performance is the focus.

3. Functional Approach to Fitness Training

Finally, given all of the above, this does mean our approach to training is ‘easy’. It’s called “Training For Warriors” for a reason and was originally developed as a method to train elite fighters by our founder Martin Rooney. However, Martin then had an epiphany that actually, this incredible functional approach to fitness training could be used by anyone. You can become as fit as a warrior. But, you don’t need to spar with anyone to achieve the amazing benefits. You don’t have to see injury as a necessary condition of training and the only competition is with yourself.

Ready to Become a TFW Warrior?

If you’re ready to work out in a supportive, motivational fitness community, then TFW could be a better choice than following a CrossFit program. Contact us today to learn more about our functional group fitness classes and programs and to see how we can help YOU transform your life!


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