Keep it Simple Stupid

by | Nov 19, 2021

My mother’s favorite saying. I can still hear her saying it…Keep it simple stupid. Stop complicating things. This applies to most things in life, and fitness is no different.

When it comes to fitness there are so many crazy workouts and plenty of gyms promoting these over-the-top, kill-em workouts. How else can they be Instagram famous?? IT’S NOT NECESSARY! In fact, it can be hurtful.

Here at TFW, we have 3 simple protocols that have helped hundreds of people Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Feel Good!

1. Lift Heavy. The TFW System is built around performing simple, functional, compound strength moves.
2. HIIT Cardio. At TFW we call these workouts Hurricanes. Quick burst of energy burns fat, helps build muscle and increases energy levels which in turn kicks up the metabolism.
3. Rest. People are always surprised when I tell them to rest. TFW implements the 4D4E. 4 days of exercise a week forever. It’s imperative to give your muscles and nervous system time to recover. I promise you will see a transformation if you lean into the rest days.

So, follow the wise words of my mother, keep it simple and the results will follow.


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