New Year’s Resolution in November

by | Nov 19, 2021

Why wait until the New Year to start your fitness journey? Why not take advantage of the November and December gym lull? Aren’t you worth it?

Come January the gyms are packed. Everyone has the same idea. It’s very hard to get the personal attention you need, especially if you are just starting, which can be a recipe for poor results. Getting a head start will have you comfortable and ready for that New Year’s resolution.

Getting started may feel like the hardest part. Here are some ideas to help that first step feel a little less intimidating

1. Bring a friend:

Having someone to keep you accountable is a huge help. That extra call or text encouraging each other to get to the gym can really be the push you need. You know that old buddy system!

2. Find a workout that you like:

I can hear you saying “if there was a workout I liked I wouldn’t be in this position”. I disagree! There are so many different types of gyms and workouts. Definitely something for everyone. Most gyms will give you a free trial class. Take them up on it! Try lots of different things.

3. Start Moving:

Lots of us have jobs that have us sitting at a desk for hours at a time. I can’t stress enough how important your non-exercise calorie burn matters. Take a walk at lunch. Walk around the block in the evening. Take work calls while standing. Lots of little things add up and can make a big impact.

Once you have tackled the first step momentum can get you through. You’ve got this! You are worth it!

See you at the gym.


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