Why it might not be your diet holding you back!!

by | Nov 17, 2021

Stop focusing only on your diet.

Yes, Calories matter

Yes, food quality matters

But, is it the only thing you should focus on??

The is NO.

If you are only focusing on what you’re eating and not listening to your body then you might be missing out on what it’s trying to tell you.

In the craziness of life, we sometimes forget to listen to the signs our body is trying to tell us.

This was an issue one of my clients was having until we shifted our focus to her sleep patterns.

She was eating great but her sleep was off.

She was getting 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep.

A few weeks after we came up with a new sleep routine she noticed that her clothes started to fit better and body fat started to come off.

Your sleep and recovery are very important for both overall health and fat loss.

Your body is always sending you messages, if you listen to those signals and correct them amazing things start to happen.

Above you’ll see a picture of an Inbody scan I did with one of our 1:1 Nutrition Clients:

Weight dropped from 130 lbs to 131.2

Muscle Dipped a little from 49.6 to 48.9

Percent body fat dropped from 32.8 to 31.3

Mostly from fixing her sleep.


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