Why TFW and NOT Planet Fitness or Another Box Gym?

by | Dec 9, 2021

I often get asked: “What is the difference between TFW and Planet Fitness or other box gyms like it?” There are 3 main reasons why TFW stands out … personalization, periodization, and community. If you ask most fitness professionals, these are the 3 most important aspects to success.

Big box gyms are inexpensive but they make money on lots of members crowding the gym floor. Here at TFW, our business model is the complete opposite.

Why TFW is your best gym choice in Westchester County


Personalization is one of the biggest reasons why TFW is the first choice for people in Westchester County. Our classes have between 3-10 members. Each of our coaches is also a personal trainer. With classes so small and the knowledge of the trainers, we can give each member the personalization they need to be successful. That is not possible in a gym like Planet Fitness.


Training for Warriors was created by Matin Rooney who is a guru in the fitness industry. Our workouts are planned very meticulously and with members’ fitness goals in mind.


This is what TFW is most proud of! We work hard to make our gym a second home for our members. The coaches meet often to talk about how we can make our members’ experience better. We are in this together, all working toward similar goals and that is evident in all the classes. You can always find members cheering each other on and high fives are a must at the end of each class.

So, if measurable results are what you are striving for, there is really no comparison between Planet Fitness and TFW. TFW is a community, not just a gym, that focuses on helping our members reach their fitness goals.

If you’d like to learn first hand why TFW is a great choice for YOU, contact us today to learn more about our functional group fitness classes and programs.


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